CertainTeed Document Selector

1/2" (12.7mm) Abuse Resistant Type C Drywall

15/16" Classic Aluminum Capped Hook

15/16" Classic Aluminum Capped Stab

15/16" Classic Environmental Stab

15/16" Classic Hook

15/16" Classic Stab System

15/16" Cleanroom Stab

15/16" FireSecure™ Stab System

15/16" SeismicSecure ™ Classic Aluminum Capped Stab

15/16" SeismicSecure ™ Classic Environmental Stab

15/16" SeismicSecure ™ Classic Stab System

2-Rail Post & Rail (Smooth Finish)

2-Rail Post & Rail with CertaGrain® Texture

3-Rail Post & Rail (Smooth Finish)

3-Rail Post & Rail with CertaGrain® Texture

4-Rail Post & Rail (Smooth Finish)

4-Rail Post & Rail with CertaGrain® Texture

9/16" Elite Narrow Stab

9/16" EZ Stab Tier Drop System

9/16" SeismicSecure™ Elite Narrow Stab

9/16" Smoothline Bolt Slot

9/16˝ EZ Stab Bolt Slot System


AirRenew® M2Tech® Indoor Air Quality Drywall

Akusto™ One SQ

Akusto™ Wall C Super G™

Aristocrat II Arbor

Baron Select Cedar

Baron Smooth

Beaumont Arbor


Belmont® IR

Best Mud in the Joint® Lite All-Purpose Joint Compound

Breezewood Select Cedar


Brookline With CertaGrain® Texture


Canterbury Swoop

Cape Cod

Cape Cod Concave

Carolina Beaded™

Carriage House®

CertainTeed® Intake Vent

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 12" Filtered

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 12" Unfiltered

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 7" Filtered

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 7" Filtered - Class A Fire Rated

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 9" Filtered

CertainTeed® Ridge Vent - 9" Filtered - Class A Fire Rated

CertainTeed® Rolled Ridge Vent - Filtered

CertainTeed® Rolled Ridge Vent - Unfiltered

CertainTeed® Static Vent - Aluminum

CertainTeed® Static Vent - Plastic

CertaTrim® Adhesives & Fasteners

CertaTrim® Beadboard

CertaTrim® Corners

CertaTrim® J-Pocket Corners

CertaTrim® J-Pocket Trimboards

CertaTrim® Sheets

CertaTrim® Skirtboard

CertaTrim® Trimboards

Chamfer Board™ Vertical Siding

Chesterfield Concave Gate

Chesterfield Concave Gate with CertaGrain® Texture

Chesterfield Convex Gates

Chesterfield Gate with CertaGrain® Texture

Chesterfield S-Curve

Chesterfield Smooth

Chesterfield Straight Gates

Chesterfield Swoop

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture - Concave

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture - Convex

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture - S Curve

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture - Swoop

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture and Lattice Accent

Chesterfield with CertaGrain® Texture and Victorian Accent

Chesterfield with CertaStucco™ Texture

Chesterfield with Huntington Accent

Chesterfield with Lattice Accent

Chesterfield with Victorian Accent

Chesterfield with Westminster Accent

Cloud Perimeter Trim


Columbia with Lattice Accent



CT™ 20


Danbury Concave

Danbury Concave Select Cedar

Danbury Select Cedar Texture

Decorative and Solar Post Caps

Decorative and Solar Post Caps

Decorative PVC Post Caps

Dust AWAY® Roll-On - Dust Reducing, All-Purpose Joint Compound

Dust Away™ Renovation Mud™ Joint Compound

Easi-Lite™ Lightweight Interior Ceiling Drywall

EverNew® Gate Kits

EXTRA All-Purpose 3.5 gal. Box

Extreme Texture Coat / Acrylic Texture with M2Tech®

FibaFuse® Paperless Drywall Tape


FlintEDGE® Conductor Heads

FlintEDGE® Coping

FlintEDGE® Drain Through Gravel Stop

FlintEDGE® Fascia ET

FlintEDGE® Fascia GG

FlintEDGE® Fascia GS

FlintEDGE® Scuppers

Flintlastic® APP Base T

Flintlastic® Base 20 T

Flintlastic® FR Cap 30

Flintlastic® FR Cap 30 CoolStar®

Flintlastic® FR Cap 30 T

Flintlastic® FR Cap 30 T CoolStar®

Flintlastic® FR-P

Flintlastic® FR-P CoolStar®

Flintlastic® GMS

Flintlastic® GMS CoolStar®

Flintlastic® GTA

Flintlastic® GTA CoolStar®

Flintlastic® GTA-FR

Flintlastic® GTA-FR CoolStar®

Flintlastic® GTS-FR

Flintlastic® GTS-FR CoolStar®

Flintlastic® Poly SMS Base Sheet

Flintlastic® Premium FR-P

Flintlastic® Premium FR-P CoolStar®

Flintlastic® STA

Flintlastic® STA Plus

Flintlastic® Ultra Poly SMS Base Sheet


Galveston with CertaGrain® Texture

Galveston with Lattice Accent

Grand Manor®

Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape

Highland Slate®

ICON™ Composite Siding

Imperial Select Cedar

Imperial Smooth

INSTA STIK™ Quik Set Adhesive

Landmark PRO Solaris®

Landmark Solaris®

Landmark Solaris® GOLD

Landmark Solaris® PLATINUM

Landmark® PRO

Landmark® IR

Landmark® Premium

Landmark® TL

Level V Wall and Ceiling Primer / Surfacer with M2Tech®

Lite Sand Plus Setting Compounds - 18 lb bags

M2Tech® 90 Moisture and Mold Resistant Setting Compound


Manchester Classic Impressions Posts

Manchester Concave

Marco® Spark-Perf® 94# Heavy Weight Paper Tape

Marco® Spark-Perf® Paper Tape

Matterhorn® Metal Roofing - Shake

Matterhorn® Metal Roofing - Slate

Matterhorn® Metal Roofing - Tile


Mold Resistant 3.5 Gal Lite Ready-Mixed Joint Compound

Mold Resistant Lite Ready-Mixed Joint Compound


New Lexington

New Lexington S Curve Transition Panel

New Lexington Swoop Transition Panel

New Lexington with Lattice Accent

New Lexington with Victorian Accent


NorthGate® Accessory

NorthGate® Ridge

Nylon Gate Hardware

ONE Multi-Purpose 3.5 Gal. Carton

Oxford Vinyl Railing with Glass Balusters System

Platinum Paper-faced Metal Drywall Beads and Trims

Presidential Shake® TL

Presidential Shake® IR

Presidential Solaris®

Presidential Solaris® GOLD

Presidential TL Solaris®

Presidential® Starter

Presidio® Metal Roofing - Tile


Quick Prep Interior Prep Coat/Primer

Quick Prep Plus Interior Prep Coat

Restoration Classic™

Restoration Millwork® Adhesive and Fasteners


Restoration Millwork® Beadboard

Restoration Millwork® Beadboard 2TL

Restoration Millwork® Beadboard 3TL

Restoration Millwork® Beadboard Panel

Restoration Millwork® Classic Column Wrap

Restoration Millwork® CustomCraft™


Restoration Millwork® Estate Column Wrap

Restoration Millwork® Fiber Cement Skirtboard


Restoration Millwork® InvisiPro™ Grooved Trimboards & J-Pocket Trimboards


Restoration Millwork® J-Pocket with Cut-Out


Restoration Millwork® Nail Hem & Starter Flanges for InvisiPro™


Restoration Millwork® One-Piece Corner


Restoration Millwork® One-Piece Corner with J-Pocket


Restoration Millwork® Sheets


Restoration Millwork® Specialty Profiles


Restoration Millwork® Specialty Profiles - Special Order


Restoration Millwork® Trimboard with Cut-Out


Restoration Millwork® Trimboards


Restoration Millwork® Trimboards with J-Pockets


Restoration Millwork® WP4/Nickel Gap




Rothbury Concave

Shadow Ridge®

SilentFX Noiseproofing Putty

SilentFX Noiseproofing Sealant

Sixto 60

SmartFlash® EP Primer

SmartFlash® Flash Pack

SmartFlash® Fleece

SmartFlash® R Primer

SmartFlash® Resin

Stainless Steel Gate Hardware

Structural Colonial Porch Post - 4" x 4" x 108" System

Structural Colonial Porch Post - 5" x 5" x 108" System


ToughGard® Ultra*Round™ Spiral Duct Liner

Ultra*Duct™ Black Duct Board

Universal Double 5"


Vinyl Carpentry® Accents

Vinyl Carpentry® Corner Systems

Vinyl Carpentry® Functional Trim

Vinyl Carpentry® Wall and Soffit Transitions

Vinyl Carpentry® Window and Door Surrounds

Wall Angle

Wolverine American Legend™

XT™ 25

XT™ 25 Metric

XT™ 30 IR


Yorkshire Concave